Joyus is a respected online retailer representing sought-after products in beauty, fashion and health

The team at Stanley Jacobs MD Skin Care is thrilled to announce that starting February 15th, Joyus will be selling Dr. Jacobs’ incredible skin care line. Joyus is an online retailer for a curated collection of the finest products in beauty, fitness and health. Their team is comprised of experts in their fields – professional stylists, makeup artists, nutritionists and fashion consultants. They select only the products they believe will deliver results and meet their high standard for quality.

Joyus uses online showcase videos to introduce their selected products to their customers and provides expert advice to their customers throughout the online experience.

Watch for the launch video in which Dr. Jacobs is interviewed by renowned beauty expert and Joyus host, Tracy O’Connor. In the interview, Dr. Jacobs discusses the origins of his skin care line, including the amazing story of the discovery of the ancient Egyptian recipe that inspired Dr. Jacobs’ modern skin tightening formulas.

So now on, you’ll get the same great Stanley Jacobs MD Skin Care products with the unique shopping experience Joyus brings to the products they select for their collection.

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