Allure Magazine is always eye-catching, but the April 2013 issue got our attention for a very special reason. The issue’s Anti-aging Special feature, written by Amber Angelle, begins with a timeline of “Beauty Through the Ages”, which includes the Edwin-Smith Surgical Papyrus, which included the article, “Transforming and Old Man into a Youth”.  If that sounds familiar – it should. It is from this text, found at the back of the Papyrus and only partially translated at the time, that Dr. Jacobs resurrected of the formula for youthful skin.  After ten years of intensive research and testing, the ancient formula was reimagined with Dr. Jacobs’ Visco-elastic Transforming Serum.

Amazing, but true! Read more about the incredible story of Dr. Jacobs’ formula and his rediscovery of this ancient secret for youthful skin.