A formula 3600 years in the making.

The story of Stanley Jacobs MD Skin Care

Ancient Inspiration. Modern Thinking.

The Ancient Egyptians were early experts in the appearance of skin

Ten years of intensive research on the 3600 year old Egyptian scroll known as the Edwin Smith Papyrus revealed a new molecule in skin care. A formula for a serum used by the ancients to restore their skin to a more youthful state hinged on a single critical ingredient that took Dr. Jacobs 8 years to decipher: bitter almonds. Understanding bitter almonds is what led Dr. Jacobs and Mr. Jules Zecchino (former Chief R&D Chemist at Estee Lauder) to rediscover the Mandelic Acid molecule and reimagine its use in
a modern skin care formula.

Mandelic Acid molecule: one of the most important breakthroughs in skin care technology in over 30 years

Resurrected by Dr. Jacobs and Mr. Zecchino, the Mandelic Acid molecule is in the alpha-hydoxy family. Dr. Jacobs and Mr. Zecchino mixed Mandelic Acid with resveratrol (anti-oxidant) and glucosamine (improves cell turnover) to create modern formulas that after years of intensive scientific testing, have been proven to be extremely effective and long-lasting agents to combat the effects of age on skin.

A revolutionary measurement device from Germany called the Cutometer™ was used to scientifically measure the elasticity of the skin before, during and after 4 weeks of treatment with the Stanley Jacobs MD line.

The result was a 43% increase in skin elasticity when all 3 products were used–a synergy of the skin tightening properties of the formulas.

Just call him Indiana Jacobs.

A whirlwind expedition of discovery, driven by curiosity and passion, led Dr. Jacobs to uncover the long-guarded Egyptian secrets of youthful skin. After almost a decade of research end reformulation, Stanley Jacobs MD Skin Care was born.

Origin story

Dr. Jacobs describes the originals of the serum, including his remarkable discovery of the secret ingredient of a recipe contained in the famous Edwin-Smith Papyrus.

Extensive research

The journey began with an ancient formula resurrected from the famous Edwin-Smith papyrus. In this famous text from Ancient Egypt, an article entitled “Turning an old man into a youth” caught Jacobs’ eye. It contained a formula, only partially translated at the time.

A family passion for Egyptology

Dr. Jacobs and his family visited Egypt to take in the beauty of the country and to consult some of the most respected experts in Egyptian history and culture.

The mystery of the test took almost 8 years to decipher

One ingredient of the formula called Hemayet remained a mystery. After consulting many experts, Hemayet was determined to be a refined version of bitter almonds, an extract of which was the powerful Mandelic Acid molecule.

Refining and modernizing the formula

Dr. Jacobs’ work was far from over after uncovering the mystery molecule. He then turned to former chief researcher for Estée Lauder, Jules Zecchino, to refine and improve the formula with modern science.

Objective proof of efficacy

As a medical doctor and surgeon, Dr. Jacobs was driven to prove the formula effective in an objective fashion. And so he conducted clinical trials with his patients using a Cutometer, a highly sensitive measurement device, to monitor a patient’s skin elasticity throughout testing.

Launching with the remarkable Visco-elastic Transforming Serum

With the final formula complete, Dr. Jacobs launched his Visco-elastic Transforming Serum – the flagship product of the Stanley Jacobs MD Skin Care line. And shortly thereafter, Dr. Jacobs and his team created new formulas to complement the serum, including Visco-elastic Transforming Creme and the Transforming Synergy Peel.

That's the story. How about the science?

Learn about the science behind the results you can expect to see and feel with the Stanley Jacobs MD Skin Care line.
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