Stanley Jacobs MD

by WorldSkin LLC

About WorldSkin LLC

Our skin care company has been in the making for a long time — since ancient Egypt. Stanley Jacobs, M.D. has long been a student of Egyptology. He and his family have traveled to Egypt many times. He is an avid reader of Ancient Egyptian texts, is a member of the American Research Center of Egypt and has done extensive research on the mystical beauty of the ancient Egyptians. For years, Dr. Jacobs has been trying to decide the best way to combine the ancient Egyptian methods with modern day science in order to develop his skin care line. He was telling his story to a colleague at a plastic surgery conference several years ago, which led to his introduction to Jules Zecchino. Mr. Zecchino, who had been working as a chemist in the cosmetics industry for many years, had just left his corporate job in order to be able to develop his own ideas for a new and revolutionary skin care line. They were a perfect match!

Our Vision

We have a world vision whereby the skin of human-kind blends into one. Our old perceptions of skin as a differentiator can become a common denominator. Rather than allowing skin to separate us, we can unite through skin. We are all created the same: our blood, nerves, bones, eyes AND skin. Rather than being preoccupied by the differences between individuals, we want to emphasize our commonality.

The world has five billion people. There is an average of one square meter of skin per person – five billion square metres of skin. The world’s skin is equal to the size of the Sudan, or two and one-half times California’s surface area. If all of the world’s skin was blended together it would be woven into beautiful, homogenous beige. We are separated only by a few melanocytes. These are the cells in skin with pigment granules. They are microscopic spike-shaped structures in the middle layer of our skin. On that basis alone we have waged wars, performed atrocities and created biases in our minds. Isn’t it time we thought about skin as a commonality and looked at skin care products as chemicals that bind us?

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the best skin care products in the world, by bringing ancient Egyptian history and modern science together in one consistent product line. We want to usher in an era of science based skin care products that also feel luxurious and smell fresh. We will objectively prove our results as no other skin care company has done, using biomechanical studies. We plan to give back to the world by supporting humanitarian causes and using recycled materials. We plan to make human skin healthy, prevent sun damage, and reduce the effects of aging and acne. We will lessen the world’s wrinkles and help prevent them by increasing the skin’s visco-elasticity.

Our Incredible Team

Dr. Stanley Jacobs

Dr. Stanley Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jacobs is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS). There are only a handful of surgeons with this specialty training in the entire Bay Area. He is also one of only a few facial plastic surgeons in the United States who received Fellowship training after his residency. This training was under the direction of the late Dr. Larry D. Schoenrock, at the University of California, San Francisco.

In addition to the ABFPRS, Dr. Jacobs is also certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada, giving him the distinction of being triple board certified. He has served as Chief of Surgery at Sutter Hospital in Santa Rosa and Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. He maintains hospital privileges at Sutter and Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital hospitals in Santa Rosa and California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, California.

His goal is to maintain his status as one of the premier facial plastic surgeons in the world by constantly critiquing his own work in an honest and analytical manner. He believes that beauty of the fine arts can be applied to aesthetics of facial plastic surgery. It is to this end that he continually strives in a singular purpose.

His surgical practice, The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery, has an office in Healdsburg and one in downtown San Francisco.

Joni Jacobs

Joni Jacobs


Joni Jacobs is a Registered Nurse. She practiced for fourteen years in the areas of medicine, general and thoracic surgery, ICU/CCU, recovery room and outpatient surgery. Most recently she has been working with LegalShield, marketing to individuals, small businesses and as a group benefit to employees..

Ms. Jacobs has a keen interest in esthetics and skin care. She has spent considerable time studying the different skin care lines, in particular their contents and efficacy. She has researched and understands the facial cosmetic needs of today’s female consumer. In addition, she personally has used many different doctor lines of skin care products and this has allowed her to compare them with “Stanley Jacobs MD” new line of products. She has been instrumental in the development of the texture and fragrance of the skin care line.

Jules Zecchino

Jules Zecchino

Chief Technical Officer

Jules Zecchino has been a leader in the cosmetic industry for over 33 years. His prolific list of industry leading concepts and formulations is remarkable, e.g. Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion., Avon Japan’s Missions Y and A, Arden’s, Ceramide Capsules, Estee Lauder’s Fruition, Resilience, Idealist, Perfectionist, Illusionist, Clinique’s All about Eyes, Turnaround Creams, to name a few! While at Avon, Jules headed their Japan development team to acquire extensive knowledge about Asian women and their relationship to cosmetics. Within 5 years, by applying this knowledge, the Japanese market for Avon grew from $80 million to over $400 million. With Jules’ help, Estee Lauder grew their business from $640 million to over $7 billion. Jules won the prestigious Marie Claire Pris D’Excellance, an unprecedented 5 years in a row. Over the years Jules has led his teams from concept through to production on many products. Jules works closely with marketing to help define the unique selling position for every product developed.

Jules retired from Estee Lauder after 18 years of service in November of 2007. His last position with Estee lauder was Vice-President of Innovation and Applied Research. Jules is a consultant for Estee Lauder and a technical advisor to Next Step Management Group. He is the founder of Innovative Cosmetic Concepts, an innovation engine for formulation development.

Evelyn Mitchell

Evelyn Mitchell

Chief Financial Officer

Evelyn started L3 Consulting in May 2005 after working as a business consultant for Moss Adams LLP, a Certified Public Accounting and Consulting firm. During her years at Moss Adams Evelyn consulted for a variety of clients, across many industries. She provided interim controller services to a major Bay Area research hospital, helping them complete a successful external audit. She worked with businesses on financial planning, operations, and internal controls. In 2005, as L3 Consulting, Evelyn began providing these varied consulting services to her own client base. She has been working with Dr. Stanley W. Jacobs as his business manager for the past seven years.

Prior to her consulting career, Evelyn worked for 15 years as a corporate controller, and most recently, at a $150MM company for 10 years. She specializes in improving accounting departments and financial reporting processes by recruiting accounting personnel, training staff, organizing the administrative and accounting departments, establishing internal controls, and forecasting cash flow of businesses.