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Dr. Stanley Jacobs on Oprah’s skin treatment experts panel in O Magazine

Article by Executive Beauty Editor profiles trends in skin treatment ranging from serums to surgery

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Ancient Inspiration. Modern Thinking.

The formula for the Visco-elastic Transforming Serum is inspired by a recipe resurrected from the famous Edwin-Smith Surgical Papyrus at the New York Academy of Medicine and perfected with modern medicine.

More About the Discovery

The ultimate in skin tightening

Objective, biometric measurements of our patients’ skin elasticity before and after treatment are remarkable.  Between 11% and 47% increase in skin elasticity in just 4 weeks!

The Science of Stanley Jacobs MD Skin Care

A skin care revolution 3,600 years in the making

An long-lost formula for youthful looking skin has been resurrected by world-famous cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Stanley Jacobs with his Visco-elastic Transforming Serum with Mandelic Acid.

More About the Story

The science of youthful, elastic skin

The results are impossible to ignore

The results are impossible to ignore
With scientific measurement of elasticity, as well as remarkable before and after photography, the skin tightening and firming effect of Visco-elastic Transforming Serum is very clear.

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WWD Online profiles the Egyptian roots of our serum

WWD Online profiles the Egyptian roots of our serum
In an article called "Ancient Egypt's Fountain of Youth", WWD online traces Dr. Jacobs' 10-year quest to discover the formula for our Visco-elatic Transforming Serum.

Stanley Jacobs’ vision of skin care

A New Era of Science-Based Skin Care

A New Era of Science-Based Skin Care
I will bring beauty and science together like never before, designing skin care products that are proven effective with biomechanical studies, delivering outstanding results, and having a luxurious texture and smell.